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Cheese Bread with a pop twist.

Who is in the mood for a comfort food snack? Have you ever heard of the Brazilian Cheese Bread? It's not a puff, not a scone nor a bread… It is a small ball made of parmesan cheese, eggs, oil and tapioca flour. { the pop twist here was adding steamed potatoes to the dough to make the texture lighter. After it's baked, the exterior will be slightly crunchy and the interior will melt easily inside of your mouth } . It's super easy to make and so far in my life, one who ever tried it became a huge fan!

Save this recipe and share with a friend who will loves cheese will love to try it too!

Brazilian Cheese Bread { with a pop twist } by Chef Livia Medvid. @thenewpopchef

Ingredients: 170g - 6oz of grated parmesan cheese

255g - 9oz whole milk

100g - 3.5oz olive oil

1 teaspoon of salt

140g - 5oz steamed russet potato ( peel it, cut into 1/2 cubes, place in a glass bowl with 5 table spoon of water, cover with film and microwave for 5 min ) 300g - 10.5oz of tapioca flour ( you will find on amazon ) 2 eggs Prep:

( if you are lucky enough to own a Thermomix, look for the " Pão de Queijo " recipe on the Cookidoo app, you can use the preparation method and only change the quantites - oh, and also, blend the potatoes e knit the dough ) If NOT, don't worry, I got you covered, no fancy equipment required for this recipe! Check out. 1. PAN → milk, salt, oil. Turn off the heat when some steam appears but it's not boiling yet. → ADD tapioca flour and mix it well. 2. Let it cool down a little ( it's good when you can leave your finger for a seconds without burning ) and ADD the eggs to the mixture, STIRRING well. 3. SMASH the potatoes using a fork. → MIX into the tapioca and egg mixture. 4. Let it REST for 10 min. 5. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 350 F ( 180C). 6. Make balls using an ice cream spoon and bake them for aprox. 25 min, or until Golden. Let them cool down for 10 min before eating… ( if you can wait ) .

Having them with a Latte feels like a hug!

Watch full video for tricks here @thenewpopchef

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