Hello You!

I'm Livia Medvid.
Chef Le Cordon Bleu and Restaurateur. 
For more than 10 years, I've been Teaching Students from All Over the World, the Whys of Cooking, the Science of Food and all the Secrets Behind Classical Techniques.
My goal is: Empowering People to Create Amazingly Beautiful and Delicious Dishes.


All right, so you Can Bake, but you have No Idea of How to make a Swiss Meringue? 
"Bain-Marie? Who is Marie? And Why in this World should I bath her?"

Or... You DO know How to Bake a Cake but want to Understand Why does it Collapse in the Center sometimes? Why does the Chocolate Burn in the Microwave? Or Why, I mean, WHY does your Butter Cream split and looks everything BUT Velvety and Shiny?


Let me tell you something: Nobody has ever born being an Excellent Cooker.

The best French and Italian Chefs I know were NEVER attending ANY Fancy Culinary School.
But ALL of the Most Delicious dishes I have ever tasted were prepared for someone who Understood the Ingredients Chemistry and How they Reacted during the Cooking Process. And of course.
The most important: All of them Cooked with Love.

Grandmothers and any other relatives are usually the responsible for passing culinary traditions to the next generations. 

But I'm here to help you just in case you were not luck enough to have been born in a Provence Village or have had an Italian Mama raising you.

I'll share with you the most Amazing Culinary Secrets, Recipes and Techniques that will make your life - and the others close to you - super Tasty!😱 🍩 🍪

Are You Ready to Join Me and Fall in Love for Cooking too?



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Being a Pastry Chef makes your soul Swee
Can’t say enough how #grateful I’m for t

Professional Side

After years studying law and working as an intern at the Public Defenders Office and Department of Justice at my hometown of Curitiba, Brazil, I have decided to follow my heart and graduated as Chef de Cuisine and Restaurateur in Centro Europeu, one of the best Culinary Schools in Brazil.

In 2009 I have Mastered as Pastry Chef in Le Cordon Bleu, London, where I have worked as Sous Pastry Chef at Albert and Michael Roux's Brasserie, at Sofitel St. James.

After returning to Brazil I have opened a contemporary restaurant called Mandi Bistro which won the TripAvisors Exellence Certificate on 2014. 
A short while ago I won a Pastry Reality Show similar to Master Chef, produced by the strongest Brazilian TV station.

I also have specialized at: 


Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science, Harvard.

Introduction to Global Hospitality Management, Cornell University.

The World of Wine, Adelaide University, Australia.

Culinary and Child Nutrition, Stanford University.